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January 25, 2015

Every time I decide to start a blog, there is a preceeding thinking period, where I try to convince myself to start or not to start one. Pros and cons, “oh, but I have nothing to write about!” and “No, it won’t be frequent!” are swimming through my consciousness, but in the end, I always assume the “whatever” stance and start one anyway.

By now then, you should know that I place quality over quantity. This is not going to be a daily read, unless someone suggests interesting things to blog about. Hopefully, those things that I will write about will be interesting to read. Sometimes geeky and full of technobabble, sometimes earthly and direct, sometimes humorous, and sometimes it will list what this blog is going to be about.

#An update on the upcoming projects that I’m working on

I have been asked by many members of the blind community to create a client for the popular TeamTalk software. Partly because it is becoming less and less accessible on MacOs and there are features that would really make everyone’s life easier.

After a couple of nudges, me and a friend of mine contacted Bjoern, the C/O of bearware.dk who generously agreed to make the TeamTalk SDK freely available to us, strictly for the TeamTalkVI project.

Work has begun, as can be seen on the project’s GitHub page, however I am nowhere near a public release.

Due to mostly technical reasons, the initial 0.1 release planned for this week has to be delayed. In about two weeks from now (see the date of this post), we should have a 0.1 public release available.

Expect a very basic client, with working text and audio, but for example no audio device switching, etc.


Another project is Dragonflame, an accessible and free audio game engine, that should have been updated months ago. I can say now that there are a lot of changes being implemented right now, but the release date of the next, and possibly last, alpha is unknown at this time. One of the new things that will be part of the engine, and one I’m waiting for to be ready, is a completely 3d sound library, with basic effects support.

Force Feedback for DirectX-based controllers and devices is mostly done, xInput is still in the works. And of course a huge task is going to be a merge of these two into one interface that is accessible from Lua. I will definitely keep you updated once things are settling down and are ready for semi-public testing.

#The Truthbringer Chronicles

Although this is not, strictly speaking, a project, but I thought I’d give a short update about it.

Ever since we started, there is no day that goes without someone contacting us, regarding the book, characters, and the plot of this story. People are a curious bunch, and some of them also love to read, which I really appreciate. You always know that whatever you do will be appreciated by someone sooner or later as well as criticised. I was ready, we were ready, for all of this. But the shear amount of appreciation and love that we’ve been receiving is humongous, and that was certainly something that we weren’t expecting.

The story is alive and kicking, but for now it is a lower priority, compared to the other ongoing projects. We haven’t given up, and once the next chapter is ready, I promise you that it will make up for every second that you had to spend without reading. You will be the first to read it!

Words cannot tell how grateful we are for all that you’ve done! You are all amazing… thank you!

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