January 8, 2015

Follow Lyriel, the weakest angel in heaven as she flies down to earth to investigate a mysterious coldness spreading in a tiny village in this Christmas-themed game.

When Lyriel, the weakest angel in Heaven finds out that she will not be among the angels handing out gifts on Christmas Day, she is truly disappointed. To make things worse, she feels that something is wrong on Earth and there is absolutely noone around to fix it! Or is there?

Follow Lyriel on her first adventure as she flies down to earth to investigate a mysterious coldness spreading in a tiny village. Get ready for a cinematic Christmas adventure that you will never forget!



After unpacking, the game can be started by clicking on the ag.exe file.

The game has no documentation, however it includes a tutorial which explains the available keyboard commands.



  • The cat got Lyriel’s tongue while she was regenerating in heaven. We have talked to the kitty and her tongue is back where it belongs!
  • Lyriel continued to flap her wings when floating upwards after changing her mind during a fall. We have explained to her that this is unnecessary effort on her part and now she stops her wing movement. She even likes it better this way!
  • The greater demon has reinforced all the demon shields, thus Lyriel is unable to push them upwards anymore.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: The games music is loud! Can I adjust the music volume or turn it off completely?

A: The game’s music is carefully edited to fit its scene, however certain dynamic parts can be louder than the game messages. We chose not to add a volume or a toggle feature, to make the game more immersive.

Q: Could you add a pause or a save feature?

A: The game is designed to be manageable in one sitting. Pausing or saving it would undermine this.

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