July 14, 2014

A speech-powered display for Growl for Windows.

SpeakX is a display for Growl for Windows that reads notifications out loud via Microsoft’s Speech API.

The plugin is intended to overcome limitations of the Growl Speak Display, imposed mainly by the Speech implementation of the .net framework 3.5.

These include:

  • Voice changes caused by a 64 bit speech synthesizer
  • Unstable handling of various speech synthesizers (this is fixed in .net framework 4.0 and above)

Additionaly, speech parameters can be configured via a very simple ini file.


SpeakX can be installed multiple ways.

Automatic Installation

If you have Growl for Windows installed, this is the fastest and easiest method. Just click on the link, and growl will take care of the rest. AutoInstall SpeakX

Manual Installation

You can also Install SpeakX manually. Extract the downloaded zip file into Growl’s Displays folder, which is usually under %localappdata%\Growl. For example: %localappdata%\Growl\\Displays\SpeakX

Building from source

The third way is to build SpeakX on your own, using Visual C#. You can grab the sources here.

How to use

After the installation, you can open Growl, and select SpeakX on the displays tab. Feel free to hit the Set as Default button if you are planning to use SpeakX as your default display.

The INI file format

SpeakX can be configured via a very simple ini file, called speech.ini. Here is how the default file looks like:

All specified settings must be valid integer numbers.

  • Rate: This specifies the speed of the voice, from -10 to 10.
  • Volume: This specifies the volume of the voice, from 0 to 100.
  • Voice: This specifies the voice that SpeakX will use to read notifications out loud. It can be 0 or higher, based on the number of installed voices on your system.

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