Me and Aldrin

May 1, 2014

People say that if you want to create believable characters, you must become one with them. You must imagine all of what they are doing, and with a bit of reasoning, feel good about it. But then, I was never a guidebook person. What is this glee doing then? Is it what Aldrin feels? Or is it my hidden, sadistic nature breaking free of its constraints? Or am I using what I’ve heard unconsciously?

The second option must be true, if we believe Freud. I probably wanted to be Aldrin-like in my childhood. Even though I think it is as far away from me as it could ever be.

The third option is highly probable. There is certainly an influence no matter from which angle I look at it. But at the same time, Im glad when me and Parham can come up with something that makes the story’s suspense going. Even so, when it has an intensifying effect.

Soon enough, you will start to hate him, and that is when the fun begins. Beware though, this road is going to be bumpy. But the truthbringer will be there, every step of your way.

The last chapters were very confusing for some of you, which will stay that way for a little more. Chapter ten is going to start the enlightening process, we hope, but new issues will also start emerging. I really wish I could share the whole story now!

In case you’d like to help with that, please send your thought-transmitters to me. I am sure you came up with one that can fit an e-mail (see the contact form). The one who comes up with the best device is going to receive a note in the special thanks section!

Once this book is ready, and you finished reading it, come back to this post, read it again, and you will see that all the confusion was worth it. This is just the perfect salesman speech that will ensure your product’s doom. Yet, your trust is in our hands, if you hand it over willingly that is. Do not ever think that we won’t treasure it!

A book is great if you enjoy writing it, and I hope it turns out to be, especially because Kira’s standing next to me, looking at me menacingly. This is her story, in part, maybe a huge part. And of course don’t forget that I am the Truthbringer, and these are my… ouch, okay okay. I was kidding.

Why am I writing all this, you ask? Simple. Because it wants to be written. Some people sit down and drill 20-30 pages every day. Some, however, sit down and the words just come, sometimes needing thousands of edits.

“Is this planned? Do you have plans or you just write?” I was asked a few days ago. My answer was straight forward then, but now I can say, how else would we lead you in circles otherwise?

This may sound harsh, but a story is good if you can surprise the reader, any time. I read a lot of those, and I know the feeling all too well. This of course does not mean that everything you read should be doubted, but we are human. Stories are here to entertain. If everything was straightforward, stories would have no value.

Of course the question now is whether this is a public apology. My answer is no. As long as you enjoy our story, there is nothing to apologise for.

The next chapter is almost there, and it is going to be the longest chapter so far.

Stay tuned!

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