Winamp Library

January 30, 2012

A UDF to access and to control Winamp.

39 functions to access and control Winamp.

Not all of the features of the Winamp SDK are supported.

This UDF was originally written by G.Sandler, and later tweaked by me.


1.5 (06.October.2010)

  • _Winamp_GetCurrentTrackInfo now returns an array as it should have 0: Sample Rate in khz 1: Bitrate 2: Number of Channels 3: Video LOWORD=w HIWORD=h 4: Video Description 5: Sample rate in hz
  • Added 4 new UDFs
    • WinampGetPan
    • WinampSetPan
    • WinampGetEq
    • WinampSetEq

Original example included.

Tags: software AutoIt Windows