Currency Converter

January 30, 2012

A currency converter udf.

This script allows you to convert between many currencies, using


All you have to do is call a function, like this:

CConv($amount, $from, $to)


  • $amount: the amount you wish to convert, i.e. 100
  • $from: the currency you wish to convert from, e.g. EUR
  • $to: The currency you wish to convert to, e.g. GBP

return values

0, @error is set to:

1: INet error.

Otherwise returns an array with the following values:

  • 0: the converted result
  • 1: 1 source currency in destination currency
  • 2: 1 destination currency in source currency
  • 3: Date of the last rates update, according to XE

Example included.

Tags: software AutoIt Windows